Hi All!
The last 3.5 weeks have been equal parts daunting and hopeful.
I was given the most beautiful gift of working with some of the top Neurologists in their respective disciplines, all under one roof at a facility in Provo, Utah.
I have arrived back in Vancouver and while I have a long way to go, being given the answers and treatment I have needed for persistent and declining physical, cognitive and emotional issues stemming from a brain injury (and 9+ surgeries from the neck up) has been such a blessing.
I can't stress enough how important it is to listen to the voice within (no matter how muffled and discouraged) when something feels wrong. I can't tell you how many times I have been brushed off, handed more medications without answers, given up on, and misunderstood... but.... it just takes a few people to make a difference. Sometimes even one person can shift things in monumental ways.
Keep showing up.
Keep using your voice...
...no matter how shaky, scared, and tired.
Keep using your voice no matter how many times it seems to be the only one left without a single bent ear in sight.
Some of the most beautiful pivots in my life have come out of dark journeys where I ended up on a different path, simply because I couldn't see the familiar ones anymore. Just like an unpaved road, or a trail that hasn't been forged, I can promise you that every step feels like it will be the pothole you can't see, and you will undoubtedly come out of it with a few new scrapes, but so much of our lives awaits on the other side of discomfort and fear.
Don't lose your voice, even if it's quiet.
Don't lose your fight, even when you can't figure out what it's for anymore.
Don't lose your light, even in complete darkness. Just like a flashlight buried under blankets, don't assume the light died before you have a chance to pull a few blankets off.
Don't lose your spirit if others stop seeing it. Your people are out there, give yourself a chance to meet them.
(I am behind on social media so I'm very sorry if I have missed ya in the last few weeks. Same goes for my cell 🙏❤️)
A lot of times I explain my art, but ones like this are better left without specific explanation as maybe it will give volume to your own voice you are searching for.
Mixed Media on Birchwood
Lauren Taylor