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Fan Voted Project 70 Baseball Card

Vote for the player you would most like to see on one of my upcoming cards. If the player your would like is not on the list, please add just the first and last name in "other", longer messages will be filtered out unfortunately. 

Please keep in mind that not all players are possible... some of the common name requests that we can't create are:

Pete Rose, Joe DiMaggio, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Barry Bonds, Roy 'Doc' Halliday, Minor League Players, Umpires, and plenty of other names. If you ask for a player that isn't allowed I will try and email you back to let you know that it's not possible so you are in the loop...

Keep in mind I have already done the following cards: 

  • Aaron Judge (less than 5 artist autographed cards left)
  • Lou Gehrig
  • Cody Bellinger/ Corey Seager Dual
  • Mike Trout (almost sold out of artist auto cards)
  • Bo Jackson
  • Tony Gwynn
  • Ken Griffey Jr. 

If you are interested in the cards above, you can find the base cards on eBay, or you can get artist autographed versions directly from my site (Griffey going up soon) by clicking on this link: https://laurentaylorillustrations.com/collections/baseball-cards

Please remember, be kind.... the "other" selection was not added to hear complaints, I just really want to involve fans and there are too many players to list so it was important to have an open option :) 

So excited to involve you all more!

(if you don't see the poll below...give it a moment to load, sometimes it's a little delayed)