Advent Calendar - Lauren Taylor Card Collector Edition!

Advent Calendar - Lauren Taylor Card Collector Edition!

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Who doesn't like opening a box full of 24 little packages to count us down, daily, to December 25th? 

We are hand assembling 100 of these calendars and although you won't find chocolate in these, each pillow box will be labeled with a number and will contain a signed base or speciality card from project70 and the Lauren Taylor X Topps box set. We promise we won't include duplicates in any single calendar and all will include a total of 24 artist signed cards. There are a few other fun things to keep an eye out for and the picture below doesn't include all the labeling but is an accurate depiction of what type/size of pillow boxes you will find inside. 

It is very important to us to make the value of your items (if purchased individually from out site) exceed the value of the advent calendar, so while we can't accommodate player requests, we will absolutely spend time on each box making sure you are excited to see what the next day's pillow box contains!

(Please note we cannot guarantee delivery by December 1st for shipments outside of the US)

Happy Always and Merry Everything!